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Earth Day 2018: Let's Talk Recyclability

We want to celebrate Earth Day 2018 as the theme this year is calling for the End of Plastic Pollution! 
Within the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry, it has been a widely discussed topic within the last couple of years about the use of plastics and micro plastics within products. There’s a common misconception about the use of the word ‘poly’ within our ingredients, which was fuelled last year by independent apps declaring certain ingredients to be on the ‘bad’ list, which simply isn’t true! Calling Polymers ‘micro-plastics’ ignores fundamental compositional differences between Polymers & Plastics. Whilst all plastics are polymers not all polymers are plastics.
Ingredient list on the back of the Cedarwood Shower Gel
Within ManCave we have always been conscious of our natural habitat and what we can do to protect it as much as possible, which is why all of our tubes are made form 100% Recyclable material, even the lids and labels can be thrown in your recycling!
Microbeads have, as of 9th January 2018, been banned from featuring in Shower Gels, Toothpaste and most importantly Face Scrubs (find out more from the Government Website). Our Face Scrub has proudly never contained Microbeads as there are many natural alternatives for exfoliation.
Overall, there needs to be an almighty shift in the way we as people use plastic; our natural habitat will thank us for it! 
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